The Rendham Mummers Oak Moon Tour 2019 - The Battle of Pipney Hill Revisited, breaks all records with over £1,200 donated to our chosen charity Lighthouse Women’s Aid. Much to the amusement of the gathered crowd, and bewilderment of the many passing motorists, a motley colourful crew of entertainers gave a final performance of their play, outside the Rendham White Horse, on August Bank Holiday Monday. The play was set in the times when the Roman Empire extended much across Europe and resistance to rule was quickly quashed. The Mummers and their musicians recalled how the Head of Claudius came to be found in the River Alde, near Rendham. With Boudica and her Iceni Army sweeping south and sacking Colchester, having stopped on the B1119 to allow traffic to pass freely, then London, the subsequent and swift Roman response had the crowd in awe. It was up to the Doctor and the Green Man to ensure that from death there was, indeed, rebirth. Sadly, however,for one character,The Speaker, having lost his head,(violently hacked off by a Legionary), they were unable to resurrect him. It was to be his last play ....... aaaahhhhhh! leaving those left behind to continue on the tradition. “The Speaker”, who founded the Mummers in 2010, will remain a cast member, and for those that have seen his previous yet brief acting cameos, you will know he is the embodiment of our values “Never knowingly over rehearsed”! So, for our next play, we welcome the Bard. The Speaker is dead long live the Bard! It has been a great tour and we hope we have brought fun and joy to you all. However, none of this would have been possible without the support of you, and your generosity. A cheque for £1,233.60, from the Hat Collection, was recently presented to Lighthouse Women’s Aid, which we feel sure will make such a real difference to the work that they do locally, for victims of domestic abuse and their families. Our thanks also go to the Publicans, and their staff, for making us welcome and keeping us supplied with beer. We will be taking a short break now before returning, for one night only, to celebrate the Winter Solstice, from 6.45pm, Sunday 22nd December, on the Knoll at Rendham. Our new play, “Death Stole the Sun” will be performed under the Sacred Oak at 7.30pm. A date for your diary! For more information, photos see Rendham Mummers’ Facebook. The Green Man – Spiritual Leader of the Mummers Clan