Chalara ash dieback

Information from Rendham Tree Warden - Matthew Greenburgh
" Chalara ash dieback - there have been a multitude of media reports on this disastrous disease, which is killing most of the common ash trees in continental Northern Europe and which has now been confirmed at Pound Farm. To get the latest information, I highly recommend that everyone takes a look at the Forestry Commission website ( There you can find detailed material on how to detect Chalara. If you have a strong belief that you have found an outbreak, the website asks you to report it to their hotline (I haven't put the details of the hotline here as no one should make a report without checking their identification with the information on the website!). The website also recommends taking care to ensure that no material from ash trees could be on your clothes/footware/cars/pets when you go from one place to another. Given the difficulty in practice of following such 'biosecurity' measures, I personally would recommend that no one goes to Pound Farm until a lot more is known about the spread and possible control of the disease."
many thanks - Matthew

By Chris Salmon on November 7th, 2012