Rendham has two village greens registered under the 1965 Commons Registration Act, Rendham Green and the Knoll.

The Rendham Green is number VG 22.

The extent of the green  as per the map below.


It is our understanding the route through the green or beside the green was part of the  a drovers way used to take livestock  to market and the pond ,now  mostly dry, used for refreshment.  It has recently been raised that the pond may have taken a hit with a bomb in WW2 although we have no independent evidence of this. You will note however there is a second depression next to the dry main pond and this may be a bomb crater.

In time we will post details of the age of the field side hedges when  approximate date analysis can take place. Currently, the hedge line is under  regeneration undertaken as part of the 2019   regeneration project. 

The bat boxes  high on the trees were installed in connection with the regeneration project.  Standing dead wood  along with blackthorn has been left for the benefit of wildlife .

Proceeding down the green from the top of the hill  you’ll see large Turkey Oak Trees on your left. There are self seeded  Hawthorn , Hazel and Blackthorne lining the path along with dead wood and ground ivy in abundance. At the end of the path you can see on your right a fabulous view across the Alde valley to the tree lined edge of the A12 in the far distance. Take time to listen to the many bird life sounds. Proceeding down the path from the dog poo bin notice how the old hedge is regenerating on your right  and the myriad of primroses in spring in the wooded area away from the path on the left. Much of the dead, fallen and coppiced wood has been left for wildlife and fungi.  Blackthorn along the path will need to be managed as that plant suckers very easily and can encroach the path . The path divides into two with the right path leading back to the road to make an easier entry to Hill Farm Road and it’s circular walk back into the village and joining the Bruisyard Road  . Continue to the end of the path to the public footpath on the right which takes you back to the village , to the hills beyond or the B 1119 . See footpath map for options . 

The Knoll is a small trianguler green at one end of Sandy Lane VG23.

 VG23 is the Knoll  down the hill towards the village  where sits a huge oak tree at it’s centre.