Asset and Financial



Financial details for 2017/2018

                  Financial Statement of expenditure over £100 for 2017/2018

Date Pupose Amount VAT to be recovered
April 2017 VH Insurance £217.03 none to recover
June 2017 SALC Membership £132.74 none to recover

Financial Statement of receipts for 2017/2018

April 2017 Precept £1100

VAT recovered 2016/2017  - None to be recovered

Annual Governance Statement

Internal Audit Report

Accounting Statements

Councillors Responsibilities

Planning Sub Committee Cllrs Coulson, Bennion, Willitt and Greenburgh
SALC Cllr Morford
Village Hall Cllr Coulson
Sizewell C Forum Cllr Greenburgh
Tree Warden Cllr Greenburgh