Asset and Financial

Asset Register

Financial details for 2017/2018

                  Financial Statement of expenditure over £100 for 2017/2018

Date Pupose Amount VAT to be recovered
April 2017 VH 1/3rd Insurance £217.03 none to recover
June 2017 SALC Membership £132.74 none to recover
              Sept 2017 VH 1/3rd Insurance
£224.54 None to recover
Oct 2017 Parish Council Insurance £293.85 None to recover

Financial Statement of receipts for 2017/2018

April 2017 Precept £1100

                                                                                                          September 2017 Precept £1100

VAT recovered 2016/2017  - None to be recovered

Annual Governance Statement

Internal Audit Report

Accounting Statements

Councillors Responsibilities

Planning Sub Committee Cllrs Coulson, Bennion, Willett and Morford
SALC Cllr Morford
Village Hall
Sizewell C Forum Cllr Willett
Tree Warden Matthew Greenburgh