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Conditions/Guidelines for use of ads section

This facilitiy is free to use and for the sole use by the people of Rendham

You can advertise your For Sale, Wanted, Free to a good home, and your Swap items here

You may also advertise services such as wanted/offered e.g. Dog walking, gardening, babysitting which may be added to the businesses page if appropriate

Please send the following details by email to

1. Item description (e.g. Chair, Table) only basic details please

2. Cost if appropriate

3. Contact details e.g. telephone number or email address

4. Name of person who is advertising

5. A Photos can be added to the advert if required but please send in .jpg format

All adverts are the sole responsible of the person advertising

All dealings are with the people concerned and this website takes no responsiblity for description or collection of any monies, or condition of item etc.

It will be up to the seller and the buyer/collector to arrange collection, time, cost and method of payment etc.

When arranging a service it will be up to the two parties to make arrangements and agreed conditions

All we do is give you the opportunity to advertise

Please inform the webmaster once an item is no longer available

An advert will be removed after three months. but it can be arranged with the webmaster to continue with the advert if appropriate

The webmaster has the right to decline or delete any item at anytime